Rules Engines

The Importance of Rules Engines

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt describes the role of rules engines, like our framework and rules engine: 2020 will be a period known as the third decade of the web (Web 3.0). Experts agree that the missing piece in the Web 3.0 infrastructure will be the rules engine that enable BI, AI, semantic search, recommendation agents and machine learning and collaboration technologies to finally have a chance to deliver on their long awaited promises.

Inside Everything

Our algorithms and rules engine is embedded in every method, tool and conversation. Our unique ontology permeates every design process of a business model tactic, task or logistic.” In effect, our rules engine is to venture conception process what an operating system is to computation. To summarize the “pay-off” of using our models: new venture concept stage work, PredictionWorks’ way, is never a “garbage-in” and “garbage- out” process like it is, although unknowingly, for all the invention shops, incubators, accelerators, and applied research labs around the world.

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