Our innovation lab is a place where the magic of collaborative efforts
and common goals generate strategies for successful outcomes.




Look around our lab and you’ll sense that it is a place where people collaborate to innovate.

Our Lab environment takes decision-makers out of their day-to-day environment and into a world of vision and implementation.  Surrounded by tools, images and technology and led by panels of subject matter experts, our lab is where teams from growing new companies find solutions, uncover innovative strategies and generate specific and predictable outcomes for innovation and growth using the tools of Venture Science.

The Lab is an integral part of our ecosystem.  It reaches to the core of who we are.  Its body of knowledge and its advanced and highly visual environment is one of our powerful differentiators.

Our lab is data-driven.  Companies that have undergone our venture assessor,  RubX® are given a detailed NVA Report that reveals areas where strategies are misaligned or underperforming, then reveals specific Venture Science based prescriptive solutions.  Our Innovation Lab is where those solutions happen.

Motivated teams using our lab tools, like Group Genius and TRIZ can accelerate decision-making speed and accuracy far beyond what they have accomplished before their lab experience, substantially improving their company’s chance of bringing successful exits to our entrepreneurs and their investors.

Our Innovation Lab was founded within our 6,000 square foot San Diego, California operations center and filled with interchangeable, collaborative furniture and visual aids combined with a body of knowledge and proven tools.


Our Innovation Lab is a place where leaders go
to imagine the future and make it happen. 
It is where teams go to get breakthrough results.



• Venture Science

• Our x-Factor

• Creativity Center & Showcase

• Team Atmosphere

• Resource Data Bases

• Access to People

• Leadership & Collaboration

• Common Goals & Targets

• Predictable Outcomes

• Inquiry & Alignment

• Archetyping & Self-discovery

• Application of Proven Disciplines

• Window to our Imagination

• Pivot Strategies

• Speed to Implementation

• Rules Engines

• Ideas Under load

• Supportive & Safe

• Blueprint Crafting

• Subject Matter Experts

• Domain Experts

• Open & Breakout spaces

• Left & Right Brain Environment

• Ecosystem Development

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