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Our firm has licensed from the M.G. Taylor Corporation a body of knowledge, processes, and tools called Group Genius. We became one of the first licensees and the only venture firm to do so.  Our creative environment provides a safe and fun place so entrepreneurs can explore, discover, interact and better understand how to navigate through the era of disruption and complex problem solving.


Like any successful team sport, being part of a group of individuals to achieve the highest performance requires the “magic” group thinking and creativity to get in the “zone.”  Building upon positive inputs, different points of view and each person’s experiences and successes, creates ideas and solutions to take on the toughest business challenges.


The Group Genius tool set offers several creative techniques to encourage building blocks to make business teams innovative, focused and excited to solve complex business problems.


Capgemini, an off shoot of Ernst and Young Consulting, utilizes Group Genius to power its Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE)


Team members learn storyboard thinking used by Walt Disney, techniques to invite collaboration out of conflict and establish structure so the group has its own DNA.


Focus and discipline are necessary to gain breakthrough creativity.  Balance, intensity, immersion, concentration, attention and executing multiple cycles of the process leads to exponentially increased returns.


Some of the new processes and workshops we have added to Group Genius methods are:


• “Turning the Flywheel” workshop based on Jim Collins body of work (Author “Good to Great”).

• “Navigating Disruptive Innovation” class based on the seminal work of Clayton Christensen (Author “The Innovator’s Solution”).

• “OKRs in Action” group planning sessions on the subject of Objectives Key Results, derived John Doerr’s book (“Measure What Matters”).

• “Playing Bigger … the Magic Triangle” seminar built around Christopher Lochhead’s research on category design and dominate market position. Lochhead was co-author of (“Play Bigger”)



New ventures seeking capital are more likely to accept the shaping, structuring and shepherding assistance of an interested investor if they are willing to pivot when necessary.  For example, “pivoting,” a popular term in venture for, “changing course” or “adjusting plans,” happens almost every time.   


Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers (a top ranked Tier 1 VC firm in Silicon Valley) reports that seventy percent (70%) of their portfolio companies admitted that “they had restarted their companies nearly three times each.”


Our Labx tools can guide companies to achieve those critical plan changes. The Group Genius process gives teams the chance for success with cognitive science principles that many Fortune 500 companies have relied on for developing team building direction and focus.

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