Test Results in Austin

Amazing Results in Austin

In September of 2016, the University of Texas McCombs School of Business and IC2 Institute of Austin monitored and managed blind, back-dated validation tests on the Company’s New Venture Assessor System. Fully-funded start up business plans were assessed. The test conditions and protocols were the same as those used during the Company’s validation tests undertaken earlier in Silicon Valley under the monitoring of Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich, & Rosati and Hitachi Consulting. The protocols and details of the tests are included in the Test Results and Full Report. The New Venture Assessor successfully predicted the outcomes of 89 % of the start-ups!

Achieving these unprecedented predictive accomplishments was the result of a strong vision during a decade of research, development and testing. Our final algorithms and formulas finally promise an end to the dismal hit rate of venture-backed start-ups.

“Every VC knows that his task is to find the companies that will succeed. However, even seasoned investors understand this phenomena only superficially. They know companies are different, but they underestimate the degree of difference.”
Peter Thiel
Co-Founder of PayPal and first investor in Facebook